Adding a new user or staff member to Vend

To set up a new user in Vend:

1. Click Setup -> Users

2. Once here, click the Add user button above the user list:

3. Fill in the User Details:


  • Username: This will be the name your user will use to login to Vend.

  • Display: This will be the name that will appear on receipts and in the top right of Vend.

  • Email: Here, you can put in the user's email address if you'd like.

  • Outlets: Select the outlet you wish the user to have access to. If you'd like the user to access all outlets, select 'all outlets'.

  • Role: This is the type of account the user will have, more information on user roles can be found here.
  • Security: Specify a password for the user. This will be the password this user enters when they sign into your Vend store. The user can change this themselves later by navigating to Setup -> Users when they're signed in.

  • Profile image: The image that appears on login pages & user profiles.

4. Click Save.

Your new user can now login to Vend and get selling!

For more information on different user roles and permissions, check out this article here.

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