Setting up Users (staff members) Vend

Users are the individual accounts associated with your staff members. Each has specific permissions that allow them to undertake task specific to their user role. There are three User roles in Vend:


The cashier is a great user level to assign to your non-management staff. They are able to do tasks such process sales, transfer stock and close off the register, but are restricted from management functions such as adding and editing products, or access reporting.


The Manager user level represents management staff. The Manager user is able to do everything a cashier can, as well as having access to their assigned store's reporting, and the ability to add/edit products if required.


The Admin user level is intended for the store owner or the head office account. As an Admin user, you will have full access to view and change all stores within the Vend account. If you'd like more than one person to have full permissions, multiple Admin users can be created.

Add User

1. Click Setup -> Users

2.Click Add User

3. Enter the User details:

  • Username: This will be the name used to login to Vend as the user.

  • Display: This will be the name that will appear on customer receipts, reports and elsewhere in Vend.

  • Email: the user's email address used for verification purposes.

  • Profile image: The image that appears on login pages and user profiles.
  • Outlets: Select the outlet you wish the user to have access to. If you'd like the user to access all outlets, select Select All Outlets.

  • Role: This dictates what permissions the user will have. To change these permissions for each Role type, refer to our Setting User Roles and Permissions in Vend guide.
  • Security and ID: Specify a password for the user. This will be the password this user enters when they sign into your Vend store. The user can change this themselves later by navigating to Setup -> Users when they're signed in.


4. Click Save.

Your new user can now login to Vend and get selling!

  Two-Factor Authentication

Add a further layer of security to Admin users by enabling Two-Factor Authentication once created. For steps on how to setup Two-Factor Authentication, refer to our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Vend guide.

From 30 April 2021, it is mandatory for all Australia-based Vend retailers integrated with Xero to use Two-Factor Authentication for Admin users including the Account Owner, in order to comply with Xero's new global security standards. A new Admin user will be prompted to setup Two-Factor Authentication when next logging in and cannot access the Vend store until completed.

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