How do I set up my Epson TM-T88V Printer to work on a wireless network

Epson TM-T88V Setup

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on installing a Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer for Windows Computers. Click the following links if you are using a Mac or iPad.

Device checklist:

In order to set up your receipt printer with your Mac, Windows PC or iPad you'll first need to make sure you have all the peripherals needed.


You will need a power cable for the printer and an ethernet cable to plug the printer in to your internet router. If you don't already have an ethernet cable ask your printer supplier to include one when you buy the printer or pick one up from your local electronics store.

Receipt Rolls:

Make sure you've got some 80mm receipt rolls ready to go. To load your receipt roll open the latch on the top right of the printer, place the roll inside and pull some of the paper through before closing the lid.

Cash Drawer (Optional):

You may also wish to set up your cash drawer at the same time, to do this you'll need a specialised cash drawer cable. This is similar looking to an ethernet cable but is smaller on one end.

Setup DHCP:

When you first buy an Epson printer, it won't be able to connect to your network. To set it up you'll first need to change the network settings by configuring DHCP.

This can be a bit scary if you're not very technical, so you might like to ask your IT support person (or friendly local geek) for help.

DHCP needs to be set on a Mac or Windows computer. You can't do this on your iPad, as the printer needs to be plugged in to the computer.

Follow these instructions to set up DHCP

Once it's set up, you'll need the test receipt with the IP address on it. If you don't still have this, press and hold the 'push' button on the back of the printer for about 4 seconds. The printer will print out the network settings and you should see the IP address listed up the top.

Note: If the IP address on the settings receipt says "NONE", the printer is not connected to the internet. Double check the ethernet cable is connected securely to both the back of the printer and to the router and then press and hold the 'push' button again.

Once we have this we can then connect the printer to your computer.

Adding the Epson TM-88V to your Windows PC

Important: These are the instructions for setting up your Epson TM-T88V on your Windows computer. Click the following links if you are using a Mac or iPad.

To get this printer set up follow these 3 steps below:

  1. Downloading and installing the Epson driver
  2. Installing your Epson
  3. Printing on Vend with Epson

1. Downloading and installing the Epson driver:

First off, we need to download the latest printer drivers for your computer. This is specialised software that helps the printer run correctly on your computer. To get this head over to Epson's website here and select 'Windows Printer Driver'.

1. Click 'download page' on the latest file and scroll down to confirm the download. You should see the download start in the left hand corner of the window.

2. When this download is completed, head to your downloads folder, right click on the file and select extract all.

Checkpoint 1: Not sure where to find the download? Go to explorer and select 'Downloads' from he left hand list. The download will also appear at the bottom of Google Chrome, click the arrow here and select show in folder.

3. After extracting the file, a folder will open. Double click on the install and follow the installiation guide instructions.

Once installed you will see a confirmation box. Close this and continue to the next step.

2. Installing your Epson Printer:

Now we need to register the printer with your computer. To do this:

Navigate to Program Files (x86) > EPSON > EPSON Advanced Printer Driver 5 and select PrinterReg.

You can also search your computer for ‘PrinterReg’ instead if you like:

You will be brought to the printer setup screen where you'll need to put in the following information:

1. Model: Select Epson TM-T88V under model.

2. Name: Type in a name of your choice or leave as default.

3. Port Type: Set this to 'Ethernet'.

4. Port: Leave this as 'Auto setup'.

5. IP Address: Press and hold the 'push' button on the back of the printer for about 4 seconds. The printer will print out the network settings and you should see the IP address listed up the top. Input this IP address here.

Once you've filled out these fields click 'save settings'. A test receipt will be printed confirming that the printer has been successfully set up.

3. Printing on Vend with Epson:

Now that your EPSON is installed you can start using it to print your receipts in Vend.

To perform a test print:

1. Head over to the History tab and click on a sale.

2. Click view receipt

3. Pick the receipt template you’d like to use and click 'print'.

This will take you to the print preview screen. If the Epson is not your default printer, click 'change' and select the printer from the list.

Once that's been changed you should be able to print out a receipt.

Connecting the Cash Drawer

Once you've got the printer all set up, you can connect up the cash drawer.

The cash drawer connects to your receipt printer, and is triggered to open when you finish a cash or cheque sale and the receipt is printed by the printer.

Tip: You can also manually open the cash drawer by clicking CTRL + E on your keyboard when in Vend.

To setup the Cash Drawer:

1. Plug the RJ12 connector cable (the one that looks similar to a phone line) from the cash drawer into the receipt printer.

2. Next, head to your 'devices and printers' window on your computer.

3. Right click on your receipt printer, select Printing preferences -> Peripherals.

4. Once in here, use the dropdown menu to select 'Cash Drawer'.

5. Next, select 'End of Document' and click open on both Cash Drawer #1 and Cash Drawer #2

Tip: If you want your cash drawer to fire before the receipt prints you can select the 'Start of Document' option instead.

5. Apply these settings and test it out by clicking CTRL + E on your keyboard when in Vend or perform a test sale.