How do I set up my receipt template

Latest update: - Team Vend

Important: From the 10th of June, you'll be able sync these receipt templates from the Vend web app to the Vend Register iPad app. This means you can control all your receipts from your admin account and have customized receipts, such as the one's created using the steps below, available in your Vend Register iPad app.

Vend uses Receipt Templates so we know what information to put on your receipt, and how to format it so that it will print nicely on your receipt printer.

Before setting up your receipt template, you'll need the following information:

  • What type of printer you're using (Thermal or Standard)
  • Company name and tax number (if required for your region)
  • Address and other contact details for your store(s)
  • Company logo - This must be:

    • No more than 190px wide for a portable thermal printer.
    • No more than 290px wide for a countertop thermal printer.
    • No more than 840px wide for a standard desktop printer.
    • Black and white, or mono-chromatic for best results. Colour and greyscale images will not get great results on thermal printers.

You can set up multiple receipt templates so that you can use a different template for every register.

1. Set up the details

Receipt templates are set up on the Outlets and Registers page under 'Setup'. To access this on your iPad you'll need to sign into Vend through the Safari app. Once here, click 'Add Receipt Template' to get started:

You can also edit an existing receipt by scrolling to the bottom of the Outlets and Registers page and selecting one of the templates you've already created.

You will now be in the receipt template edit screen and can start setting up your details.

  1. First name your template so you can easily identify it.
  2. Next, Choose the receipt style. This will be determined by the type of printer you're using. If you are using:
  • A standard desktop printer, choose 'Standard Invoice'
  • A thermal printer, choose 'Standard Thermal Receipt'

You'll also want to choose whether to enable receipt barcodes. This turns the receipt number into a barcode which is printed on the receipt so you can scan to easily locate the sale if the customer returns to your store. Receipt barcodes are useful if you run a service business, like a dry cleaner or a tailor, or if you have a lot of customers using layaway and account sales.

2. Customise your receipt

Once the framework for your receipt is set up, you can customise the layout.

  1. Add your company logo or custom banner image. Remember to make sure it fits the size requirements.
  2. Add your header text, this shouldn't include too much info or the print outs may become unaligned. Some things you might want to include here are:
  • Store name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Contact phone number
  • Legal trading name and tax number (if you don't put these here, you might like to put these in the footer)

Next, choose your labels. Receipts printed from Vend have mandatory fields. These cannot be removed from the receipt, however you can change the label. If you need to print your receipt in a different language you can update these fields with the appropriate text:

If you are unsure about these one's it is best to leave them as is.

You can also add some footer text if you'd like any information to display at the botton of the receipt.

Make sure you save your template. It will now be available for you to assign to an outlet and use for printing.

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