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Retail POS (X-Series) general setup

General setup allows you to configure your Retail POS account to suit your retail operation. Navigate to Setup > General to edit the below settings.

Store settings

Store name

This is where the full name of the store should be added for receipt printing and emails from the system.

Private URL

This is your store URL. This cannot be edited.

Default currency

This is the currency you trade in. You can use one currency per Retail POS account.

Time zone

Your Retail POS store uses the local time on your Mac, PC or iPad device to record the payment time and date of sales, and this needs to be set to the correct time zone for your store. This can be found easily online by searching your city or state and ‘time zone’ to find it.

Time zones can impact your register closures and integrated services. You should make sure the time zones are set to the same zone for all integrations, and that the time on your computer or tablet is set correctly.

To edit your time zone for specific outlets, refer to our How to change the Outlet timezone guide.

Tax settings

This menu allows you to set the default tax rate for your store. Generally there will be an option for the suggested tax for your country or region. You can set custom tax amounts by navigating to Setup > Sales taxes.

General settings page showing store settings and tax settings fields.

SKU generation

When you create a product manually in Retail POS, a SKU will automatically be created for you. You can override this SKU if you want to use another number, like the universal barcode.

You can choose whether the SKU created is based on the name or a sequence number. If you plan on printing barcodes, we recommend you choose Generate by sequence number. Otherwise, your barcodes may be too long and may not print correctly.

Current sequence number

If you choose the sequence number option, you can pick the number we'll start assigning SKUs from and Retail POS will count up from there.

You cannot choose a number you've already picked - the sequence number you input must be a larger number than the largest number assigned to an existing product.

Automatic SKU generation will not apply for products imported from a CSV file. You must set up the SKU before importing the file.

General settings page showing SKU generation fields.

User settings

This setting is important to maintain the security of your store. You can choose from four options around permissions required when changing users. 

  • Never require a password when switching between users: does not restrict users from switching.
  • Always require a password when switching between users: will require a password on any user switch.
  • Require a password when switching to a user with more privileges: For example, a password would be required when switching from cashier to manager or admin, or from manager to admin.
  • Don't require a password to switch users when switching with a barcode: Retail POS won't ask for a password when using a quick switch barcode to switch users

For more information on user switching, refer to our User switching in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.

Customer settings

When enabled, Retail POS will automatically create a customer profile or add a customer to a sale when you email a receipt. 

General settings page showing user switching and customer settings fields. 

Contact Information

These fields are for your standard contact information. The contact name and email address will be populated when you create your account. Phone number and website and Twitter urls are optional.

General settings page showing contact information fields.


These fields allow you to record the address of your store or other selling location, and a separate record for postal address for your business if applicable.

If your physical and mailing addresses are the same, you can click Copy physical address details link to use the same details for the postal address.

General settings page showing address fields.

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