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Advanced Promotions provides you various ways of discounting your products. Whether it is a multi save or a conditional promotion like a Buy one Get One, Promotions discounting tools can help move stock and increase revenue for your store.

Important: This article focuses on setting up advanced promotions in Vend. For information on basic promotions and on the promotions feature in general, click here.

Important: Where a promotion and pricebook are active across the same products, customers, outlets and dates, both discounts will be applied. If you don't wish to have both discounts applied, please adjust either the promotion or the pricebook.

The article below will talk you through how to set up an advanced promotion in store. Choose from the following promotion types below. Using these, you can either set up multi-save promotions or conditional promotions for your store:

Multi-save Promotions

Conditional Promotions

What can I use advanced promotions for?

  • To save time. Set up new promotions in a few clicks. No need for spreadsheets or page-by-page changes.

  • To set and forget. New products, customers and outlets are automatically added to relevant existing promotions.

  • To boost sales. Offer customisable discounts to incentivise customers to increase spending. Limit sales by time and date to boost revenue in quieter periods.

  • To eliminate workarounds. Advanced Promotions offer a suite of customisable discounting tools, such as ‘spend and save’ and ‘buy-one-get-one’, that can be easily set up and run - no more need for workarounds.

To get started with advanced promotions, follow the steps below:

Adding an Advanced Promotion:

1. Navigate to Catalog -> Promotions.

Here will be a page listing all current promotions. If you already have a promotion setup, you can click on this promotion in the list below to expand and edit it.

2. To add a new advanced promotion, click the Add Promotion button on the top right side of the page.

3. Give this advanced promotion a name and a short description.

4. Specify the date range for this advanced promotion

5. And choose which outlet(s) this promotion will apply to.

Note: If you select All Outlets, any future outlets that are added to your store will also include this promotion.

6. Next, choose the type of promotion. In this case, select Advanced.

Targeting your Promotions

At this point, you can also choose to make this promotion available to all customers or one specific customer group. This is useful in cases where this promotion is available to VIP or member customers only.

  • If you have created multiple advanced promotions, make sure they are associated with different customers, customer groups, or products. If you run multiple different promotions for the same customers, customer groups or products your customers may not be offered the correct promotions at the point of sale.

  • If you are planning on running more than one promotion at a time, it is best practice, therefore, to create targeted promotions rather than catch-all promotions.

One of the best ways to target your promotions is to use customer groups. If you would like to learn more about creating customer groups, click here.

Note: If you have a staff discount promotion active make sure you exclude them from any other promotions currently active in your store.

Setting Quantity Limits with Minimum and Maximum values

If you are a retailer who wishes to set quantity limits when setting up a promotion in Vend, Vend's new Minimum and Maximum ("Min/Max") Promotions feature allows you to specify a minimum and maximum limit to allow further flexibility for your store's promotions.

With this new feature, you will be able to set a minimum and maximum values to help you define the discounts you wish to set for your store's promotion. For example, when a customer buys between 1-5 shirts, they will get a fixed price or discount.

Important: When setting a minimum and maximum value for your store's promotion, you will have to set a Maximum quantity to restrict the reward your customer will receive for that promotion. If not, a warning box will appear alerting you to do so.

For more information on how to set up Min/Max Promotions specific to the type of promotion you wish to set, follow the steps in our Multi-Save Promotions article or our Conditional Promotions article.

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