Quick User Switching in Vend

Latest update: - Mikey Jarvis

Your store users in Vend can now switch to their profiles by scanning in a unique user barcode into Vend's Sell Screen. To learn how to access, print and use these barcodes, follow the steps below.

1. Accessing and Printing Your User Barcodes:

All existing users in your store will now have a unique user barcode attached to their user account in Vend. To locate and print these barcodes, navigate to Setup -> Users in the sidebar and click on an existing user.

Now that you're on this user's page, scroll down to the Switch Users Faster section in Security

Here, you will be able to view and print this user's unique barcode.

Note: By default, manager and admin accounts will be able to generate new barcodes for other users in your Vend store.

2. Switching Users with Your User Barcodes:

Once you've printed out your user barcodes, you will be able to scan them on the sell screen to quickly switch between user profiles.

To do this, navigate to the Vend sell screen.

Once you're here, take your scanner and scan in the user barcode for the user you'd like to switch to.

The unique barcode will be entered into the product search automatically. You will notice that your active user profile has now changed.

If for any reason, you are not able to scan a user barcode, you can also choose to enter the barcode manually into the product search field.

Alternatively, you can click the current user name in the top right corner of the Vend sell screen (or in the menu bar of the Vend iPad app). The switch user screen will appear.

Scan the unique user barcode into the search box to switch to this user.

Quick User Switching Security

Existing user security applies when switching with user barcodes. If for example, your user accounts are password protected, users will still be prompted to enter these passwords when switching profiles using barcodes.

You can also choose to allow user switching with barcodes without requiring a password. To do this:

1. Navigate to Setup -> General in the side bar.

2. From the User switching security drop down select "Don't require a password to switch users when switching with a barcode"

3. Once you've done this, click save.

Note: Quick user switching will always require a password when switching to an account with higher privileges.

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