User switching in Retail POS (X-Series)

Users are the individual accounts associated with your staff members. Each has specific permissions that allow them to undertake task-specific to their user role (Cashier, Manager, and Admin).

Switching between users allows you to record and review which user has processed sales and completed certain tasks.

User switching is available for Retail POS on both desktop and iPad, for steps on using user switching, select the platform that you are using from the tabs below:

Desktop iPad

Switching user on the sell screen

1. Click the current username in the top right corner of the sell screen


2. Click Switch user


3. Type in the name of the user, or find the user profile you want to switch to. Click on this, and you will switch to the user.


Depending on what your User switching security is set to in general setup (Setup > General) you may be prompted to enter a password to switch users. Refer to the User switching security section of our Retail POS (X-Series) general setup guide for further information on this setting.

Quick switching with barcodes

Users in Retail POS can quickly switch to their profiles by scanning a unique user barcode into the sell screen.

Printing your user barcodes

1. Navigate to Setup > Users and click on an existing user.


2. Scroll down to the Switch users faster section in Security and ID.


3. Click Print barcode



If you believe that a quick switch barcode ID may have been compromised, manager and admin users will be able to generate new barcodes for other users by clicking the Generate new Quick Switch ID on the user's profile.

Switching users using quick switch barcodes

Once you've printed out user barcodes, you will be able to scan them on the sell screen to quickly switch between user profiles.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate Sell > Sell

2. Scan the user barcode for the user you would like to switch to. The unique barcode will be entered into the product search automatically. You will notice that your active user profile has now changed.

If you are not able to scan a user's barcode, you can also choose to enter the barcode manually into the product search field. 


User switching security settings apply to quick user switching. Quick user switching will always require a password when switching to an account with higher privileges. 

Refer to the User switching security section of our Retail POS (X-Series) general setup guide for further information on this setting.

Switching users after a sale

If you have users using the same device and want to save some time with logging in, you can enable the Select user for next sale setting. With this option enabled, each time a sale is processed, you will be prompted to select the user for the next sale.

1. Navigate to Setup > Outlets and registers


2. Click Edit register for the register you want to apply this setting for. Next to Select user for next sale, select Yes.


3. Click Save register.

When processing sales on this register, you will now be prompted to select a user before the sale is processed. Repeat the above steps for all register you wish to apply the setting to.

User switching security

This setting dictates the security requirements when switching users. There are four options available for user switching security:

  • Never require a password when switching between users: does not restrict users from switching.
  • Require a password when switching to a user with greater privileges: i.e. when switching from cashier to manager or admin, or manager to admin
  • Don't require a password to switch users when switching with a barcode: Retail POS won't ask for a password when using a quick switch barcode to switch users
  • Always require a password when switching between users: will require a password on any user switch.

The user switching security setting covers the entire Retail POS account and cannot be applied to individual outlets or registers. To select your preferred user switching security setting, refer to the User switching security section of our Retail POS (X-Series) general setup guide

Setting up users

New users must be set up and configured on the user setup page before being available to switch to. For more information on setting up users, refer to our Setting up Users (staff members) in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.

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