Setting up your Dejavoo Terminal with Vend

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Important: If you are looking to get set up with Worldpay for the first time, we have a new and improved way of integrating Worldpay with your Vend store. For more information, click here.

Dejavoo Terminal Setup:

1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the back of the terminal.

2. Plug your terminal into your Internet router.

3. Connect the terminal power.

4. Turn the terminal on if it doesn’t automatically do it.

5. Press and hold the F1 key.

6. Confirm the time matches YOUR local time.

7. If your screen does not say POS ONLINE then you are having connections issues and cannot move on to the Vend setup below until resolved.

Connecting Dejavoo Terminal to Wifi (Optional):

When you receive your Dejavoo terminal, you may want to connect it to your wireless internet rather than plug it into your router directly. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. From the Terminal's idle screen press the Enter/OK Key.

2. Enter the Manager Password: 1234.

3. Go to Utility then press Enter/OK.

4. Enter the manager password again.

5. Navigate to Communications then press the Enter/OK Key.

6. Arrow down to Local then press Enter/OK.

7. Choose WIFI and pick the network you want to connect. (Note: The security protocol you need is WPA2.)

8. Next, go to Configure and set a password/passcode.

9. After entering the passcode press the yellow key twice then go to Connect. Once it's connected, keep pressing the Red or Yellow key until you are back on the POS > online or the Idle screen.

Vend Setup:

Creating a Payment Type:

1. Login to your Vend Account.

2. Select the ‘Setup’ tab.

3. Select 'Payment types'.

4. Click the 'Add Payment Type' button.

5. Select ‘Worldpay’ and enter a custom name (e.g. Credit.)

6. Save the new Payment Type.

Pairing Dejavoo Terminal to Vend Register:

If you don't already have the payment type open, navigate to the Setup -> Payment Types page. Then, find the ‘Worldpay’ payment type (this will be whatever they named in in the steps above), click 'Edit'.

1. Click 'Configure your Worldpay account with Vend'.

2. A prompt will open stating ‘Worldpay Payment would like Access to your Vend Account'. Click the 'Allow Access' button.

3. Enter the serial number of the terminal you want to pair with this computer and click ‘Next’ (It's on the back of the Dejavoo terminal.)

  • Vend will send a test transaction for $0.01 to make sure the terminal is connected and working.

4. In Vend, select 'Yes' to accept, then on the terminal choose 'x' to cancel. If you have more than one register, choose which register you'll be using this terminal with.

5. Click 'Next'.

6. Fill in your contact information.

7. Click 'Finished'. The Terminal is now set up.

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