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Setting up CommBank's Albert with Retail POS (X-Series)

On March 9, 2023, Commbank will decommission the Piappbank and the Retail POS app will no longer be available for download. If you remove the Retail POS app from your Albert terminal, you will not be able to download it again.

This guide is for existing users of the Commbank Albert terminal. The Retail POS app is no longer available for download on Albert terminals.

Creating the CommBank Payment Type in Retail POS and configuring your Payment Terminal

To start taking payments on Retail POS using your Albert terminal, you must first create the CommBank payment type in Retail POS. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. First, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types in Retail POS and click the Add Payment Type button.


If you are using an iPad you must first navigate to Dashboard by clicking on the Menu button in the top left before accessing Setup -> Payment Types

2. On the New Payment Type screen select CommBank from the Payment Type dropdown.

3. On the next page, edit the name of your payment type if you wish to do so.

4 Scroll to the Pair Payment Terminals section and select Connect a Terminal.

5. With your unique pairing code on hand, you can now pair your Albert Terminal with Retail POS. Click the Configure your Albert with Retail POS button and follow the onscreen instructions to enter the pairing code from Retail POS on the Albert terminal, and pair that device with a Retail POS register.

6. Once you've done this, Click the Save Payment Type button.

Taking Payments with the Commbank Payment Type

After completing these steps, you will be ready to take payments with Albert and Retail POS. You should see the following page in Retail POS on your Albert device to confirm that you are ready to take payments.

To take payments with the CommBank payment type, open the Retail POS Sell Screen and process a sale as normal. On the payment screen, choose the CommBank payment type as the customer's method of payment. This will automatically send the sale to your Albert terminal for payment processing.

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