Getting Started with Verifone Payments in Vend


Verifone / EFTPOS NZ is undertaking technical changes to the integration with Vend and currently the integration is only supported on a Windows PC for new connections.

The changes do not impact payment terminals already paired to your Vend account (both PC/Mac or iPad). If you need to pair a new terminal or replace an existing terminal, please reach out to Vend Support.

Important: Please do not unpair your existing payment terminal using the trash icon (Setup -> Payment Types -> Your Verifone Payment Type)

Who can use Verifone New Zealand Payments

Verifone payments are available to retailers using:

  • Vend on iPad App
  • Vend for Mac and PC
  • Verifone VX 520C, VX 820 D, VX 680 (3G/WiFi), VX 675 and VX 690 payment terminal

Add the Verifone Payment Type to Vend


This integration is for Verifone New Zealand ONLY. For information on payments solutions available in other regions, click here.


1. First, Login to your admin user account for your Vend store on your Mac or PC.

2. Next, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click the 'Add Payment Type' button.

3. Once here, select Verifone from the payment type dropdown.

4. On the next page, you may rename your payment type is you wish to do so.

5. Scroll to the Pair Payment Terminals section and click Connect a Terminal.

6. Follow the onscreen configuration instructions to pair your Verifone terminal to Vend.

7. You will need to give Verifone access to your Vend store data so that they can have access to your register names for pairing purposes.

8. Next, enter your payment terminal's serial number. This is the 9 digit number located on the back of your terminal next to S/N:


Make sure you enter this serial number without the hyphens.

9. To confirm the pairing, a test transaction of $0.01 will be sent to the terminal. Confirm that this amount is shown on the terminal and click yes. You may need to cancel this transaction on your terminal also.

10. Before completing the setup you must choose which register to associate this terminal with. Make sure you choose the primary register you'd like your Verifone terminal to be linked to as the terminal cannot be linked to more that one register at a time.

11. To finish the setup, add your contact information into the final form and click Submit.

12. Once you're done and back on the Payment page, click Save Payment Type.

Your Verifone terminal should now be all set up and ready to go! If you have any further questions or queries you can get in touch with our support team here.

Additional Information

If you are receiving this service through EFTPOS NZ we recommend reaching out to them directly in regard to queries or issues in relation to processing payments.

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