Why are my sales lines "locked?"

When working on the sell screen, you may sometimes see items on the sale that are 'locked'. These locked line items will have a small padlock icon on the right of the sales line, making them uneditable.


A line item may be locked like this for one of two reasons:

1. Firstly, if you process a layby or on-account sale and reopen this sale at a later date, the line items from the original sale will be locked. You can add new items, complete the sale or void it BUT you cannot remove any locked items from the sale.

2. The second reason a line item may be locked is if it has been added to the sale automatically as a "confirmed" transaction in order to prevent any further adjustments. This only occurs if your store has a custom-built integration using our API. If you are not sure if your store has a custom integration, ask your store manager or owner.

Additional Information

If you wish to remove items from an On Account or Layby sale, you will need to void the original and recreate the sale.

As an alternative workaround, you can 'cancel out' the line items you want to get rid of. You can achieve this by adding an additional sale-line for each of the items with a negative quantity.

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