Creating a Loyal Customer Base

There are a few simple steps you can take to engage with you customers on a more personal level and build a strong base of repeat shoppers. Here our top three tips:

1. Build a community

Customer management begins with knowing your customers. Knowing them on a first-name basis establishes trust and engagement, and encourages return business. It is a quick and easy gesture and is a simple way to set your business apart from the rest. Build a trusted relationship as you would with a friend, to encourage loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

2. Get the data that matters

Ask your customers lifestyle and interest questions, and maintain consistent communication with them. This includes how to best reach them (e.g. email, phone number), which social media outlets they frequent, and their preferred frequency of communications. Allow your customers to share information in a manner that is easy and convenient for them, i.e. a sign-up form on iPad sitting on your counter for workshops and courses, or an email registration at the time of purchase.

Lifestyle questions include what sort of job they do, upcoming events they are attending, hobbies, and future travel. Knowing this can help you build a relationship, and improve the experience by being able to suggest merchandise that suits their needs.

Interest questions include the style of merchandise they like, fitting and sizes, or items they may be interested in, in the future.

Having this information will allow you to reach out to customers on a regular basis and anticipate their needs.

3. Knowledge is power

Having an open dialogue with your customers, and obtaining their feedback, allows you to make more educated business decisions, such as what kind of new events to hold or items to test in your store.

By tracking your customers’ purchases, noting their interests, and reminding customers why you are gathering their information, you effectively serve their needs better and in turn, directly grow your business.