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Join Strahan, our very own customer success expert, as he takes you through the basics of setting up Vend in three easy steps.

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Getting Started

Vend Ecommerce

Try Vend out and find hardware

Set up taxes

Set up locations and registers

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Set up payments

Add products and inventory, set pricing, and print labels

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Set up customers


Set Up Receipt Printing & Cash Drawers

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Getting Started with Vend

Hardware for the old Vend POS iPad App

Connect other apps

Video Tutorials

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Recorded Webinars

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QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration

Connect Accounting Apps

Using Vend

Using your accounting integrations

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Dashboard & Reports

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Vend, Support, and your Account

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Making Sales

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Inventory Management

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Customer Management

Using your online store integration


Vend App

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Receipt printers, scanners, barcodes and labels

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Vend POS App (Discontinued)

Product News and Updates

Important Notices

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What's New in Vend

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Getting Started with Vend in three easy steps.

Join Strahan, our customer success expert, as he takes you through the basics: how to setup up your store, the hardware you need to run it, what to plug in where, and how to make your first sale. It's all part of how Vend works to make retail awesome.

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FAQ Videos.

Video guides and tutorials which answer the most common questions new users have about Vend.

Product Variants

Vend and Xero training