Integrated Card Payments and Merchant Providers

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What is a merchant account and integrated payments?

A merchant account  is a service offered by merchant providers, and lets you accept EFTPOS or credit card payments for goods and services. Point of sale platforms which offer integrations with merchant processing (card payments) will, when you click the pay button, post the value of a sale to your merchant providers card swipe machine, pin pad or website, which then notifies the point of sale automatically if the payment was successful or not.

Note that integrated card payments for point of sale are slightly different from e-commerce payment gateways , in which the customer is directed to a payment page where they enter their own details (this is explained well on the Shopify website ).

However most merchant providers offer solutions for both point of sale integrated card payments AND e-commerce payment gateways. We don't have support for companies who only have eCommerce payments, like Stripe.

Does Vend offer integrated card payments?

Yes we do!

Vend currently offers integrated credit card or EFTPOS payments with merchant providers:

  • iPad-specific payments with PayPal (US)
  • Tyro in Australia

We have more to follow very soon. Details on configuring integrated merchant card processing with these services can be found here:**

PayPal (US - iPad only)

PayPal integrates with the Vend iPad app, allowing you to take debit, credit and mobile payments with PayPal Here and PayPal Local. As one of the most trusted payments providers in the world, PayPal offers a very simple and secure way to take payments in your brick and mortar store. 

Click here to get started or find out more

Tyro (AUS)

Australia’s only independent banking institution, Tyro brings you lower merchant costs, industry leading security, non-stop operation and superfast 3 second EFTPOS Transactions. Tyro is dedicated to helping merchants improve their business processes, manage their electronic payments and reduce the cost of their acceptance. Like Vend, Tyro has no lock-in contracts, and no set-up, break or cancellation fees. 

To learn more about Tyro, click here or call +61 02 8907 1700

For help setting up, check out the article Tyro integrated EFTPOS for Vend point-of-sale .

What if my merchant provider is not yet supported?

We will over the coming months be internally releasing a limited number of additional merchant integration gateways, but with so many payment providers around the world, it wouldn't be prudent to try to build native integrations with every merchant provider.

However, we _ will _ be encouraging many more integrations by 3rd party developers via our payment platform has a public API. With a little, easy coding, it is possible for Vend customers to integrate our point of sale with just about any card processing service available. 

There are a number of ways customers can seek to integrate Vend to their preferred merchant provider, via our payments API.

  1. Send us a feature suggestion
  2. Commissioning a custom integration via a software developer to integrate their current merchant provider with Vend payments API
  3. By requesting their current merchant provider write a 3rd party integration with Vend, through the Vend Payments API

Please note: although Vend credit card payment types include a URL field under 'advanced settings', simply entering your merchant provider's website or payments page will not enable integrated payments. Your provider must first be supported by one of the methods outlined above. Screen_Shot_2012-02-09_at_1.19.03_PM.png

Can I still use Vend without integrated card payments?

Yes you can!

Many customers still use Vend without integrated card payments, by creating a manual 'payment type' (called, for example, 'credit card') and putting through any card sales on your merchant providers platform (card swipe, key pad etc) independently of Vend.

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  • Avatar
    John McGovern

    Hi Guys - What is the situation for other countries - mine being the UK?  I know we have the Gateway URL but would like a system whereby we keep within the Vend system.  Do we have a time-frame?

  • Avatar

    Hi John - have you looked at using DPS/PaymentExpress in the UK? I just had a quick look - seems to support most of the big cards via HSBC, Barclays, etc.


  • Avatar
    Russ McLeod

    Hi, any news about supporting partners in Canada?

  • Avatar
    Paul The Seer

    Can I ask, as my Merchant Elavon is not supported it says in the notes I can still use Vend. So when I make a sale what happens if it isn't linked, surely it wont record it will it. Could I have exact instructions on what to do? how to set it up? etc

  • Avatar
    Genius Combine Ltd.

    I am too looking for payment integration service in Canada.

  • Avatar
    Joe Garza, Blackline Partners

    Good morning.  If clients are looking for payments in Canada, we would be willing to integrate via the Vend API to Moneris Solutions.  As a developer they appear to have the largest market share and options available for Canadian clients.  Please provide feedback if payments in Canada with Moneris is a good option? 

  • Avatar
    Genius Combine Ltd.

    You are right, Moneris is top payment processing provider in Canada. In fact, I got a call 2 weeks ago from Vend customer in Montreal for the same. It would be great if you can integrate it into the product, it would be a big win for Canadian market.

  • Avatar
    Joe Garza, Blackline Partners

    Thanks for the feedback -- we work with them closely and have done dozens of integrations.  Are they typically looking for retail and online commerce?

  • Avatar
    Genius Combine Ltd.

    The inquiry I got was for ability to punch in the credit card number via keypad (no swipe). So, I guess it was for online commerce. But I think retails is required more.

  • Avatar
    Joe Garza, Blackline Partners

    Please look at this post and see if this would assist Vend customers.

  • Avatar
    Genius Combine Ltd.

    Looks good. It covers a lot of processors.It would be great value added to the system. Will this be priced separately as 3rd-Party or will be part of Vend packages (hope for later) ?

  • Avatar
    Joe Garza

    We are not part of Vend but work with all the major processors.  Our preferred pricing method would be a monthly fee and transaction fee similar to any other gateway service but allow almost 100% coverage in the US and internal options as well. 

  • Avatar
    Joe Garza

    A lot of gateways and providers are adding fees for connecting a solution such as Vend to processors.  Wouldn't it be better to go direct and eliminate the long term monthly, per item and set-up fees of gateways?  We have a PA-DSS direct certification with Paymentech, Global, First Data, TSYS, and even PayPal -- why not eliminate the gateway? 

  • Avatar
    Maurice Curtis

    can i just buy a card reader and just use that

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